Magical Thailand Coloring Book


Magical Thailand – A Colorful Journey

A beautiful coloring book, with 17 illustrations, patterns and mandalas inspired by Thailand’s landscapes, traditions and culture.
Ideal as a hobby or for therapeutic purposes, coloring is highly relaxing and boosts creativity.

This postcard size coloring book is ideal for adults and children.



Magical Thailand – A Colorful Journey

Thailand can be a magical place, if you know how to look at it! With its landscapes, traditions and culture, all seems taken from an ancient fairy tale. Coloring can be one of the most relaxing things in the world. It can bring tranquility to your mind and soul, and increase your imagination and creativity. Coloring is used in the psychology domain even as a therapy to release stress.

Inside you will find a little collection of illustrations about Thailand and its meaningful traditions. It is a postcard-size booklet (A6) that you can bring with you everywhere! You can give it as a souvenir or use it as a postcard.

Perfect for adults and children too, this amazing coloring book will give you the best sensation of relaxation!

Created by Inner World Co. Ltd.


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