Frequently Asked Questions

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage, made by adding a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) to a solution of tea and sugar. During the course of the fermentation process, the cultures metabolize the sugar and tea components to render a sweet-tart flavor beverage, full of healthy components like B vitamins, organic acids and antioxidants.

How much kombucha should I drink?

If you’ve never had kombucha and if you’re concerned about how it might react with your body, start out with just drinking 100ml. per day. Drink at least an equal amount of water with it and see how you feel. Like it? The next day, start drinking 150ml. The day after that, try 200ml. Make sure you’re staying hydrated (though we should all be drinking lots of water whether we consume kombucha or not).

Some people experience some “detox” symptoms as the body cleanses itself of toxins, these symptoms can include tummy issues or even headaches. They are usually very mild (if they happen at all). But everyone is different, and everyone has a different level of tolerance. So you have to decide for yourself how to best handle it.

Listen to your body. Consume what you like and what contributes to your overall wellness!

What is the self-life of Kombucha?

Kombucha needs to be refrigerated and can be good for quite some time.

Kombucha doesn't really go bad and the live culture prevents anything harmful from growing. However, after a few months, kombucha eventually will turn to a vinegar and can be a little too acidic to drink (it can then be used as vinegar).

Does kombucha contain gluten, dairy, or animal products?

No, our kombucha only contains organic black and green tea, organic sugar, filtered water and natural fruit.

Does kombucha contain alcohol?

Kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol, a natural byproduct of the fermentation process that preserves the brew and protects it from harmful microorganisms. The trace amounts of alcohol are similar to what you would find in unpasteurized fruit juice. Kombucha is considered halal because it is non-inebriating and the ethanol serves as a preservative.

Where can I buy your products?

Kombucha Bangkok doesn't have a store. All products can be bought online, from this website or from the Facebook page. You may also meet Kombucha Bangkok at markets throughout Bangkok, please check the upcoming events on the Facebook page.

Do you deliver?

Yes, Kombucha Bangkok delivers within Bangkok using a motorcycle messenger service.


Delivery within Bangkok is charged based on delivery zone.


                     Zone 1: 100 baht               Zone 2: 120 baht               Zone 3: 140 baht


Kombucha Bangkok Delivery


If you live outside the delivery zones, please contact us for exact delivery rate.

Kombucha soaps and Green living products (non-liquid products) can be delivered within Thailand and internationally. Please contact us for more details.

How do I place an order?

You can order from this website. You can also contact us on social media to place your order, please see the contact page.

How can I pay for my order?

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • ATM cash deposit


Cash on delivery is currently not available.


Once your order is received we will contact you to confirm your order and provide the payment details.

When will I receive my order?

Each order is prepared individually.

Once your order is confirmed and payment is received, please allow for a minimum of 24 hours to have your order delivered.

A soon as your order is on the way you will receive a notification message.